“Bloom where you are planted”, they say,

Is it that easy to bloom, come what may?

The wintry chill, the scorching heat

Autumn that dries and the uprooting wind;


Tearing you apart

Like a non existent entity

Yet with great hopes you retain

The charm that dis solutes all enmity;


So bloom, oh bloom

Just bloom where you are planted

For the forsaken shall seek solace

Within the womb of your bloom!









Today, unlike any other day, is a new day! Innumerable new lives must have breathed their first breaths on this day. And we, who already breathe uncountable breaths often fail to acknowledge this new day in all its entirety and bloom.

On this new day, an awakening dawns upon the self. A realization of the fact that the past 23 years have been full of involuntary compromises, sacrifices, forced relationships and ‘HAPPINESS’ having gradually withdrawn its elements somewhere between me breathing my first to me typing this blog.

Innumerable times have I come across the phrase,”HAPPINESS is not found in others but is discovered within the self”.

And then, one fine day I woke up and chose to be ‘HAPPY’. A voice in my mind spoke today. It said,”Enough is enough! You deserve to be “HAPPY”, and hence, I decide to take charge of my life!

So, unlike my previous posts that mainly spoke about the pall and gloomy side of life, I shall now try to lift up my blog’s spirits and impart a positive cheer to the few readers who choose to stop by at this ‘Poor man’s cottage’ ๐Ÿ™‚ .

I have begun to realize that life is too short for me to lament upon question like “Why am I being punished for something that others chose to do?”. Instead,I need to develop an assertive approach in order for myself to be fulfilled and at peace.

I may have not received good cheer from certain people around me from whom i had expected too much, basically my ‘so-called Utopian family’ or for that matter, that one man in my life whom I adored more than anybody else in the universe, but that’s again because I depended on somebody else for being ‘HAPPY’.

Many times I have engulfed myself in darkness, feeling like a helpless, unwanted child, a load ย that has been impossible to shed.

At other times, I ended up cursing certain people in my life for snatching my ability to be ‘HAPPY’ and leaving me all alone to face the seemingly impossible hurdles that, instead of breaking me down, in turn, built me up.

Often, my soul longs for a person (not necessarily a lover), who would connect with me at an emotional level and who would possess the ability to rejuvenate my spirits to enable me to get up and move on. Well, as of now, that person is ‘Me’. Every time I cry, I wipe my tears, reassure myself of the good things in life and pick myself up to face the challenges yet again.

However, the need to express oneself is an important aspect ย of everybody’s life. An expression of one’s emotions, be it in any form, keeps the mind calm and poised. And in my case, it is blogging.

Yes I get scared, I also cry (a lot), I falter and stammer, shiver and also become speechless yet, on this day, I take a vow to keep myself happy in every possible manner in various possible ways. Henceforth, my blogs, however big or small, good or bad will try to impart positive vibes and focus on minute things or beings that can render ‘HAPPINESS’ in each and everyone of us.

So here’s to my first





For I really don’t care
What the world thinks of me
I am my world
I am unbound and free;

Love me or hate me
I shall love you always
I am a deciphered being
In peace with myself;

I pity you, oh humans!
For the restlessness you exhibit
Look at me you fearful residents
In quiet melancholy, peace I inhibit;

So let me sleep
For I know not envy nor greed
You give me love and keep me free
Just allow and let me be!