Hope lends pain

desires often cause gain

The mind seems wrecked

At unfulfilled wants;

The heart like a child

Seems to cry out loud

The silly little things

Sometimes makes us proud;

Yet shattered hopes

And a half filled glass

Leaves an emptiness

For us to last;

So lay there

My friend

And sip that glass

For sorrow and wine

Are not eternal to last;

So sip and drown yourself

Get high and lose thyself

Make merry within the void

Until u get buoyed!


Shillong Street Style – an unending affair between style and personality


By Shweta Raj Kanwar

“Every day is a fashion show and the world is the runway”: Coco Chanel

From students to teachers, daughters to mothers, sons to fathers, every Shillongite reside in them a sense of style, a fashion and a way of life, which is very ecstatically reflected on the attire of each and every one of them.

From traditional to the very fond Southeast Asian to the twerky Western waves, the streets of Shillong present a mix and match of a fusion of fashion convergence that truly makes the Rock Capital stand out in terms of ‘Street Style’.

“Fashion is a way of presenting oneself, a reflection of the inner personality. Style should be natural, something that speaks who you are”, says Becca, twenty one from NIIT, Shillong.

Street style in Shillong has never been a boring, monotonous affair for with each passing Shillongite, you get a wave of style that speaks volumes about the person. To be more precise, street fashion in Shillong has seen an array of evolutionary phases. Earlier, the Southeast Asian style was a craze amongst youths in Shillong. Also referred to as the ‘Korean wave’, the likes of the popular Korean drama, ‘Boys over Flowers’ could be found in almost every nook and corner of Shillong streets.

An observant like the self in here can never ever get bored of wandering on the streets for the city streets look more like a runway with boys and girls emitting the ‘oomph’ vibes all over the place that you cannot help but stand there and admire the place where you belong to.

As Christopher Shangpliang, twenty one from St. Edmunds’ College aptly puts it, “your personality should reflect fashion, it is all about who you are”, he says.

But, fashion does require effort. Well, it is not always an easy affair; after all, it is a depiction of the inner self. It is an affair of the inner self with the outer presentation. It is an affair between you and your wardrobe; hence, you always wish your other half to be the best, just like yourself.

“Whenever I have to decide on what I wear, I try to pick up something that looks good on me”, says Christopher. My hair and the shaving job takes most of my time for the face is the first impression that a person can leave someone with”, he smilingly adds.

However, the Shillongites seem to be very particular about the situation which they are dealing with when dressing up, as S. Andrew Shabong accurately points out, “style for me is situational. Before dressing up, I try to analyze the situation and then choose my attire accordingly”, he adds. Now, is that not some sort of expert advice.

However, not all Shillongites compromise comfort for fashion. Comfort is an important aspect of Shillong Street Style. “Style is comfort, the ability of putting things at ease while keeping it stylish, how easily you reflect your personality through the fashion that you imbibe,” says Lalfelpuii Chhangte, 19 from St. Marys’ College, Shillong.

“You do not really need an occasion to be stylish, for style is initiated the very moment you begin to adopt some of  it in your life, in any way, that may or may not reflect in an obvious manner”, opines Swastika Kower, 21 of Happy Valley, Shillong.

Again, it may be noted that style in Shillong is not all about the branded stuff and expensive collections. Speaking to Sunday Shillong, youths have confessed on picking anything they like, any outfit that they feel looks good on them, something that makes them feel good about themselves as Lydia, seventeen from St. Marys’ College, Shillong puts it, “ fashion makes you happy and cheerful. It fills you with positive vibes”, she adds.

However, being a fashionista as Shillongites are, every day is not a cake-walk for youths to dress up and show themselves up effortlessly. Each and every day is a battle, a battle of opinions of self as well as with others on the very obvious question: “What should I wear today?” and the only possible conclusion being drawn out on looking at that ever-so-unsatisfactory wardrobe and sighing, “I seriously have no clothes to wear!”.

The everyday dilemma on ‘what to wear/not to wear’ is, however easily tackled by these fashion cults, although with much ado.  “Choosing what to wear everyday is usually a daunting task”, says Stella, seventeen from St. Marys’ College, Shillong.  “every day, I stand near the wardrobe to pick up on the day’s attire, make a great deal of fuss about things, get feedbacks from my cousins and friends and finally, the first opinion is usually what I stick to”, adds Stella.

It is worthy to note that the Shillong street style has witnessed a kind of a revolution in the past few years. Style is not only about what you wear, it is more of what you feel and this is what is importantly manifesting itself in the attire selection as well as the style and basically a way of life of the Shillongites.

From nerdy stylish geek wear to the exciting floral dresses, the sporty look to the desi attire, the Korean fashion followers to the elegant western dresses to the traditional Jainsems and dharas, street style in Shillong is like a multi-coloured rainbow wherein the more you analyse and observe the pattern, the more lost you will be within the depths of its periphery.

Talking to the Sunday Shillong, some street stylers confessed on idolizing on their favorite television personalities and seeking inspiration from them on how to dress up, or most importantly, on how to be comfortable yet fashionable. However, many also stressed upon the influence of internet and various pages in the social networking sites like Facebook or Instagram, that stress on the importance of style and the need to look stylish at all times.

With easy access to the internet, the hairstyle tutorials, dress up games, make-up tutorials and the likes, it will not be wrong to say that the Fashion police in Shillong are likely to be jobless for they have nobody to watch over and criticize.

An important phenomenon, however, that guides the Shillongites is a way of life and the incorporation of fashion to suit themselves. It is all about being happy in your own skin, not comparing yourself with anybody but rejoicing who you are and making it all better for yourselves.

Well, this unending love-affair between Shillongites and fashion is something to rejoice about for a smile can enlighten a million hearts and a smile is what fashion makes us do. And by the way, what could be better than wearing a smile from head-to-toe! For happiness is contagious. As fashion is more about dressing according to what’s fasionable. Style is more about being yourself!

As Coco Chanel rightly uttered, “  I don’t do Fashion, I am Fashion” – something which I guess fits well with Street style in Shillong.

(This is one of those articles that have been published in The Shillong Times as part of its feature edition called The Sunday Shillong)



Saying Hello to all you peeps out there yet again! Today i bring to you a small introspection on Rain. The rain is not just a normal occurrence but to a poet’s mind, it is a free flow of events and memories. Read on to know whats goin on in this eccentric head 😀  
(P.S: Thank you for all the likes ❤ <3)

Rain oh rain!
U bring along snapshots
Of memories abound

How i wish
I could flow
As freely as you do

Not a care in the world
Beautifying the soul
And every little creature
That fathom to your call

Rain oh rain
Beautify me
My soul, my heart
The way I want to be! ❤ ❤

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The mystic belonging
Of a known stranger,
The curios sightings
Of an identity unknown

An attraction of a force
Unpredictable and unaware
Left me bewildered
Like you belonged nowhere

A sense of unbelongingness
Asked for more to be known
The quest for infinity
Called for a witness
For a revealed identity
To the curios mind
For ignorance might not always be bliss!

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Right there
In the middle of nowhere
Was a girl

Teary eyed,wrinkled forehead
She know not
Where was her world

Two faces she had
Yet not a hypocrite was she
A smile and a frown
A well-balanced metaphor

Positivity she imparted
Yet doomed she was underneath

She tried to escape
But failed
Putting her efforts in vain

She wondered
Why the void!
Some weird vacuum
That never could be filled!

A big heart, yet a hollow one
Yearning to accommodate
The love and affection
That would come her way

Too timid she was
But not a coward was she
She cared about limits
Yet wished she never cared

Confinement and suppression
Was what irked her
She had a vision
To break free

A rebel she turned
Arrogance and void
Were her weapons

For the vacuum gave her courage
To break open and set herself free!

(Sometimes in life, u start feeling blue. Nothing cheers u up and a void never seems to get occupied. Such are the times when you shud express yourselves, not for the world to know but for you to feel lighter. So sing, dance,play, write, do whatever in the world makes you happy, although it might just be a temporary one coz its the little things in life that matters ❤ ❤ thank u for ur time readers 🙂 )


Over and again
I tried to reach you
You were a dream
Until I felt you;

Felt you through others-
Not the self sustained  feeling
A feeling so serene
That cheered the soul
A soft, fragrant breathing;

As I stretched out my hand
To bring you closer
I only realised
You were a utopia
Uneasy and difficult to gather;

Tales were told
Which were easy to believe
Yet when I seeked them
I was deceived;

In search of Utopia
I spent days and nights
Burnt the midnight oil
And hoped my dreams
Would take their flight;

Obstructions and barriers
Kept hindering the path
The unkind and unfaithful
The hypocrite goblins
Kept laundering their wrath;

Haunted and hallucinated
I treaded the paranormal path
For the utopia lighted my way
And drew me closer
With each passing day;

Goblins and geckos
May wriggle upon me
Yet the light of utopia
Draws closer to me;

UTOPIA I shall seek
How long it may take
Victory shall be mine
Like the sweet age-old wine

I shall savour it
In longlasting eternity
Until then UTOPIA
You’re all I shall seek!



The world seemed to fade
As she looked into his eyes
The innocence they portrayed
Attracted Her to Him;

The aura and the fragrance
That accompanied Him
Inter-mingled with Hers
To generate something new;

As his lips moved
To tell hie relevant tales
She wondered in amazement
At the moment they shared;

The insignificant world
Just significant Them
As He steered through the streets
Her heart swayed to His;

The soft background music
Added to the vibe
As his tone passed her ears
She knew she found her tribe;

Sitting beside Him
Was a blushy-hushy affair
She smiled and His lips
Curved upwards like a muse;

Beneath the starry sky
Among the gushy trees
They stood together-
The trees swayed violently
As if irked by their togetherness;

She knew that moment
Was never to be regained
And thus captured Him
In Her heart forever;

A dream She lived
With Him-
For dreams are mortal
But memories last forever;

The moment having drifted
She missed His touch
His hand on Hers
And how They hugged;

That first time was the last
She would ever see Him
She missed him bad
But never told Him;

All that remained
Was the Ghost
Haunting Her heart
With Hallucinating memories;

She lays now in silence
In His Ghostly Arms
Lost and drowned
In His Haunted Love!

( Sometimes, a small moment spent with somebody lasts a life time. Try as we may, the moment or the person can never get back. This is a tribute to all those people in life who miss the once beautiful presence of someone special in their lives! 😀 Thanx for the read!)